PINLess to use Phone Card SIMPLE ™ Phone Card
Our Phone Card Product is PINless and is built on the Concept of SIMPLE, along with User Friendly Web Interface.
Prepaid Calling Card Prepaid Account
Pay-As-You-Go accounts saves money than monthly accounts for most people.
Carrier Service Carrier Service
Premium A-Z wholesale, no channel limit, 2 sec PDD, 60% ASR. Our clients include NYSE listed telecom company as well as other privately held companies. Please contact to test. Prepaid only.
VoIP Internet Phone
Business VoIP Phone Basic Model $9.99 - Buy
Business VoIP Phone Standard Model $49.99 - Buy
Business VoIP Phone Enterprise Model $69.99 - Buy
Business VoIP Phone Enterprise Add-on $59.99 - Buy
Business VoIP Phone Residential or Enterprise Model $20 - Buy
Business VoIP Phone Small Business Model
  • The above pricing are for first time custmers only
  • The above are shipped pre-configured Plug-and-Play
  • International Dial 00 + Country Code + Number
  • US,Canada Dial 1 + Area Code + Number
VoIP Internet Phone
Click To Call Demo
Web 800 - paid by callee:
USA:    Free Call! 20 626 0003
USA:    Free Call! 20 626 0005
             (password protected)
China:  Free Call! 800 86 816
Paid by caller:
USA:    Free Call! 20 626 0004
VoIP Internet Phone

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1 ¢ Per Minute
2 ¢ Per Minute
2 ¢ Per Minute
Major EU Countries
1 ¢ Per Minute
Domestic long distance in USA is billed at 10 Cent per minute. Our price is only 1 Cent per minute. This is a saving of 90% from your phone bill.
Business VoIP Phone Services
  • Unlimited channels
  • Mobile and global integration
  • Unlimited international calling option
  • Domestic and international Fax
  • Superior voice quality
  • Large set of features for business
  • Keep your old phone numbers or order new phone numbers
  • Auto Attendant - Custom design and self voice recording available
  • Music-on-Hold - Customize yours
  • Blind Transfer & Attended Transfer
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Customer wait queue
  • Call recording
  • Unlimited domestic long distance calling
  • Compatible with Cisco and Grand Stream phones, and more
  • Free technical support

US/Canada Vanity Numbers Available

Create VoIP Account
1. Register your free account (The account number is also your Internet Phone Number).
Credit Your VoIP Account
2. Login and click on the Credit Card link to buy call time. Maximum payment is $20.
Login VoIP Account and Call
3. You can now dial access number to make calls. If you have Mobile SIP App or VoIP Phone, you can set it up with your new account number and password. Then you can make calls.
For 1-Click Phone Card Sign-up, Click HERE.
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